10 Lyrics in 10 Weeks Online Workshop > 10 Week Series 

There are no shortcuts or magic formulas for developing craft; you have to put in the time.

10 Lyrics in 10 Weeks Online Workshop

When    10 consecutive weeks, 45 minutes. TBA

Where   The comfort of your own home or writing space

What     10 lyric writing assignments


Using a proven method pioneered by Sheila Davis, I will guide you as you accumulate the hours necessary to expand your skills, develop your working style and voice, and add 10 new lyrics / songs to your catalogue.

* Practice crucial aspects every songwriter should know in order to have complete understanding and command of the craft

* Build your skills in writing 3 major song forms, 3 points of view, 2 voices, moving time frames, different settings, and varied rhyming techniques 

* Discover your own unique voice; express your ideas

This is for you if

* You want your songs to stand out

* You want to increase your output and build your catalogue

* You want to have an understanding of song craft that goes beyond the basics

Text Successful Lyric Writing: A Step by Step Course by Sheila Davis
Music Books Plus  Indigo  Amazon
10 Lyrics in 10 Weeks Online Workshop

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