Music Theory For Songwriters Online Workshop > 12 Week Series

This workshop will give you the musical building blocks for constructing a solidly crafted song. Practica Musica is a comprehensive music theory software program used by the Berklee School of Music and many U.S. Universities. It was designed to be studied with the guidance of a teacher, and I provide a songwriting-specific syllabus that utilizes Practica Musica Activities I have hand-picked from all of the Courses and Menus of the program. You get the necessary support to see you through the exercises, as I decode technical musical theory jargon and show you how to have fun with making music in our weekly online session.
When 3 x 4 consecutive weeks, 30 minutes. TBA
Where The comfort of your own home or writing space
What  Music Theory Activities from the Practica Musica Program

Music Theory For Songwriters

Activities are chosen from:
* A Basic Ear Training Course
* A Basic Theory Course
* The Exploring Theory Course
* Steps To Reading Music

This is for you if:

* You want to apply the principles of music theory to your song writing

* You want to see how the graphical representation of music can improve your melody writing

* You want to have a greater understanding and appreciation of music by developing your listening skills

* You want to become more familiar with reading and writing musical notation 

Required Software   Practica Musica Student Edition 
$45 for a Student / Single User Edition Download, available from Ars Nova Software. If you choose to set up a WebStudents Account with Song Maven Studio, I'll have the ability to monitor your progress with the activities, and send you feedback and messages directly to your student account. Just ask me for the Account Name and Password. The Student / Single User Edition includes a digital copy of the Exploring Theory textbook, available as a menu selection from within the program. Reading assignments from this textbook are included in my syllabus.

Music Theory For Songwriters