I offer in-depth song critiques.

I go deep! I don't use check boxes, and I don't write generic responses. I draw on 30 years experience of witnessing and participating in song critique sessions, and I have learned from most every major songwriting consultant in North America. In addition, I have been an editor (with St. Martin’s Press) and I believe that every writer can benefit from an experienced and objective eye.  

Tell me about the intention you have for your song. Do you intend to perform the song yourself? Are you a singer-songwriter, wanting to make a strong showing at an open mic, or perhaps hoping to include the song on an up-coming record? Is your ambition simply to enjoy the song in privacy?  Are you trying to pitch the song to an indie artist, film/tv music supervisor, or music publisher? Do you need help finding the right music for your lyric?

Attach an mp3 file and a lyric sheet, and e-mail to You may also choose to send lyrics only. I will respond with a detailed assessment covering song concept, title, first line, structure, hook, payoff, rhyme scheme, literary devices, melody, harmony, arrangement, etc. where applicable, within one week of receiving your payment. Send an e-mail money transfer to or use the PayPal Button below.