About Debra Alexander & Song Maven Studio:

Songwriter and Music Industry Pro Teacher Debra Alexander guides passionate songwriters of all ages and levels to write standout songs and have fun with performances. Hundreds of songwriters from Texas to Toronto have experienced the joy of self expression and the thrill of hearing their songs come to life as a result of working with Debra in lessons, classes, and workshops.

The recipient of 14 international songwriting competition awards, Debra graduated with a B.A. in Music and subsequently earned a Songwriting Certificate from Berklee School of Music. She is a former faculty member of Trebas and Metalworks Institutes in Toronto, where she taught songwriting and music theory. Debra has mentored a wide network of songwriters via organizations like The Nashville Songwriters Association International and the School Association of Student Songwriters. She has conducted community workshops for associations like The Friends Of We Care, The Glenn Gould Foundation, and The Canadian Songwriters Hall Of Fame. A desire to pursue the art and craft of songwriting has led Debra to follow her heart and gain more than 20 years of music industry experience in Nashville, New York, Austin, Greater Boston, and Toronto. 

From finishing a very first song to signing a multi-song publishing deal, Debra has helped writers move forward in their songwriting journey by teaching strategies for starting, finishing, revising, producing, performing, and promoting their songs. Debra believes that if you have a sincere desire to express yourself through words and music, you are capable of writing songs you’ll love and be proud of!

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